Picture gallery of Nazca geoglyphs

Pictures of Nazca geoglyphs should appear here. But at first several copyrights must be cleared.

For a view from above, my interactive map fits best (first of all, click on the square yellow symbols with black crosses). A tour to the most interesting places starts in the geoglyph labyrinth in the mid, further to the best geoglyphs in the north, then a line center in the mid, to the western area and to the south, leads to the big spiral in the main central area, to spirals at Nazca and southwestern of Palpa, to line centers in the mid, view hills in the mid, in the east at the slope of the mountains. Some areas are bordered with rows of stone heaps, some are obiously incompleted. Some geoglyphs are situated far up in the valleys or on mountain plateaus. Far in the south and in the west, they are hard to recognize. Figural geoglyphs are nearly not to detect by satellite images, but here my new dicovery of to fanlike figures quite in the south!

Oblique arial and photos from the ground are to be found in the following internet sites: Nazca-Palpa project, Universitaet Heidelberg, radiometric laboratory, see "Bilder"
Some very fine photos and also the new japanese discovery is shown on www.agutie.homestead.com
An extensive picture gallery can be found on the site of the Maria-Reiche-community, see: "Mythos Nazca, Bildergalerie"
The site of the Swiss Eidgenoessische TH Zuerich shows an overall map of the Palpa region with all geoglyphs, some virtual landscape models and a flight animation. 
The Nazca-Palpa site of the German archaeological institute illustrates more the archaeological environment.
You may also have a look on this region in Google Earth, activate (geography in the web:) panoramio photos. Some of them are very good, but they emphasize the figural geoglyphs.

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