Heide Photo Chronicle 1860-1930:
Overview of The Exposition

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This online exhibition will show 245 photographs of the town Heide from the time of the secession from Denmark up to the end of the Weimar republic. The photographs show typical pictures, alterations and developments in a small northern Germany country town situated 100 kms north of Hamburg. They represent a period when many Germans emigrated into the United States of America, so Rudolph Dirks, the inventor of the "Katzenjammer Kids" comic strip.
Take some time to see the complete online exhibition on German internet pages with navigation possibility and short explanations in English language.
Start of exhibition
The original exhibition can sometimes be found in new museum buildings available from the Klaus-Groth-Museum at Heide (46, Luettenheid place). Opened: sun and  tue-thu 11.30-17,
fri 11.30-14, sat 14-17.

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Above: Museum (court) with the original exhibition (below)

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Atelier-Signet Gudenrath (um 1900-1910)

The Earliest Photographs
Changes at the End of 19th Century
Heide - Once Town of Many Mills
Market Square and Market Happenings
Church, Town Hall, Post Office and Railways: Public Buildings
Avenues and Grounds
Going to School
Working spheres
Shop-Windows and Counters
Cart, Railways, Motor Car: Traffic and Transport
Clubs, Festivals and Pubs
Physical Exercises
Impressions from the Race Track
Privat Spheres in Front of and Behind the House
The Own Four Walls: Dwelling Rooms
Soldiers in Heide (1864/66 and 1914/18)

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